How to reuse plastic bags

November 28, 2021 kstearns

As much as we try to avoid plastic food storage bags, by using glass containers, etc., we still
end up with some. Washing, drying and storing is not my favorite thing to do but there are a few
things that help.
There are silicone bags available from Stasher and others that are dishwasher safe but you can
handwash the free ones you get when using your own reusables aren’t an option. The zip bags
like like the ones you get from Trader Joe’s containing nuts and dried fruit and bread or produce
bags can be reused until they fail. It’s not a perfect, plastic free world but it helps.
1. Wash in warm soapy water.
2. Make or buy a drying rack. Etsy and Pinterest have great options. Just google ‘plastic
bag drying rack’.
3. Use different size open boxes to store them by size. Roll up each bag and stick them on
end in the box so you can see what you have.

Debi Treleaven, AGW Plastic Reduction Task Force

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