#goingplasticfree is using this opporuntity to Lift Up businesses that are going above and beyond to reduce their dependance on single use plastics. By supporting these businesses we will create a market for more plastic alternatives, which will reduce the costs for these items making them available for everyone. 

Consider using your dollars to support businesses that are #goingplasticfree. 

Green Sage has received a lot of accolades for their efforts in sustainability, so when I was in North Asheville, I decided to pop into their Merrimon Ave. location.  It was lunchtime so it was busy and the cafe offers wifi so lots of people were working on their phones/laptops. UNCA is right around the corner so some were probably doing their homework as well.  As I waited in line, I noticed an open refrigerator where you can pick up organic juices in returnable bottles. (Green Sage donates $.10 to Asheville Greenworks for every bottle returned!)  The Green Sage diverse menu offers something for everyone including those with dietary restrictions.  It also advertises their mission to provide PURE food and support local farmers and give to local sustainability efforts.  The food was delicious and their take out containers were compostable so after my picnic with friends, I gathered our containers, returned to Green Sage and dropped them in their compost receptacle located near their exit door.  All in all, Green Sage lives up to the recognition.  If you want more information on their menu or their philosophy check out their website www.greensagecafe.com.  

Mary Moody, Asheville Greenworks Plastic Reduction Task Force member